Reflections & The Road Ahead

Everyday Odyssey 2016

A Year In Review

I’ll be the first to admit, we’re not exactly prolific bloggers. In fact last year we posted exactly zero blog posts. We’re going to change that this year but first a quick recap is in order.

We were busy! Work on three apps (2 web applications and 1 iOS app) kept our momentum up early in the year through fall. We also kicked off a small responsive website project for a new client which will be wrapping up this month and managed to squeeze out an update to Parking Pin which addressed a few common customer issues in addition to general bug fixes.

The year wasn’t without its challenges. As a (very) small team we’re still figuring out the balance between developing new work for our clients, and building and supporting our own products. We had intended to develop and release a new product sometime in 2015, and while we did create a few interesting R&D projects they ended up taking a back-seat to our client commitments. We’re currently working on changing our process and thinking around product development so that we can create new apps and get them to market faster.


Three years ago we set out to create a company that was focused on crafting high-quality, engaging, and purposeful applications for our clients and customers. In the day-to-day rush of running a business it’s easy to keep your eyes set on the next step, goal, or task that needs to be completed. When I take a moment to look back at the work we’ve done I’m proud to see we’ve pursued our original vision for Everyday Odyssey and I can’t wait to refine that vision in the coming years.

The Road Ahead

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us. The early part of this quarter was spent networking and reaching out to both potential clients and contractors in the industry. We’ve adopted an Agile project management methodology to better suit our software projects which I believe will benefit both our client work and our own products.

Parking Pin has been available on the Apple App Store for over two years and the experience we’ve gained has been invaluable. We think it’s time for our next Everyday Odyssey app and have been brainstorming a few new and exciting ideas. Stay tuned for more news about our apps in 2016 and of course more blog posts!

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