Introducing Parking Pin

Parking Pin

We’re thrilled to share our new iOS app with you called Parking Pin! The purpose of Parking Pin is simple–remember where you last parked so you never find yourself wandering around in search of your car. Parking Pin takes an innovative and exciting new approach to remembering your parking spots. If you’re using the iPhone 5s, Parking Pin utilizes the newest Motion and Location API’s to automatically remember your parking spots for you–no need to tell the app you’ve parked by pushing buttons, using extra devices or hardware, or even having to open the app until you need it most. Parking Pin watches for your parking spots in the background, while you use other apps, or even while your phone is asleep. Forgot where you parked? Parking Pin remembers! Open the app and let Parking Pin guide you back to your car. For those on older devices (iPhone 5, 4s, 4) without the newest hardware, Parking Pin can be used manually by tapping the “+” button to add parking spots.

Of course remembering where you parked is only half the battle and guiding you back to your car is where Parking Pin really shines. Easily navigate back to your parking spot using the Map with Walking Directions, the Car Compass that continually points towards your car, and the Range Finder which displays the distance to your car in both meters and feet. Parking Pin also includes a unique pinch-to-set Meter so you can avoid those inconvenient parking tickets and Notes so you can jot down specifics about a parking spot.

We think Parking Pin is perfect for anyone who street parks, uses those massive mall parking lots, travels to unfamiliar places, and of course anyone who is simply bad at remembering where they’ve left their car. Parking Pin guides you back to your rental car in a foreign city, your parking spot at the airport after a long trip, and the place you left your car after getting lunch in downtown.

Parking Pin was directly inspired by our friends, family, and our own experiences. We couldn’t be more exited to share it with you.

You can learn more about Parking Pin by visiting our promotional page or the iTunes website.

Stay tuned for more posts on “the making of” Parking Pin!

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