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Parking Pin

Introducing Parking Pin

We’re thrilled to share our new iOS app with you called Parking Pin! The purpose of Parking Pin is simple–remember where you last parked so you never find yourself wandering around in search of your car. Parking Pin takes an innovative and exciting new approach to remembering your parking spots. If you’re using the iPhone 5s, Parking Pin utilizes the newest Motion and Location API’s to automatically remember your parking spots for you–no need to tell the app you’ve parked by pushing buttons, using extra devices or hardware, or even having to open the app until you need it most. Parking Pin watches for your parking spots in the background, while you use other apps, or even while your phone is asleep. Forgot where you parked? Parking Pin remembers! Open the app and let Parking Pin guide you back to your car. For those on older devices (iPhone 5, 4s, 4) without the newest hardware, Parking Pin can be used manually by tapping the “+” button to add parking spots.


We are Everyday Odyssey

We are Everyday Odyssey: Hello, World!

Hello, World!

We are Everyday Odyssey, a brand new Mobile Apps and Web Tools studio located in Portland, Oregon. We’re a small team with a huge passion for crafting ¬†purposeful, high-quality experiences for our clients and customers. We believe that you should never stop learning and experimenting, that hard work and play should be one in the same, and most importantly that you should be invested in the work you do and excited about the things you make. We’re looking forward to sharing the challenges, successes, ¬†and inevitable ups and downs of our everyday adventures with you.

Stay tuned for more on our company news, our new projects, and an ongoing series about our company values.